Brent Reed currently lives in Victoria, Canada with his lovely wife Dawn, and has lived in over five countries and worked in over twenty-two.  Besides traveling a lot, he loves new places to eat, technologies, culture, art, and music.  Brent started with his fascination with computer programming at the age of 11 when he saw a PET Commodore 2000 in his sixth-grade teacher’s living room and he has been hooked on building, programming, designing computer architecture and dabbling in making music (mostly electronica/rock).  Brent has been involved in many technologies early in their development with start-ups, large companies such as IBM, Heathrow, Vodfone Global… and advocates continuous improvement through learning, adaptation, sharing and practicing. Brent currently writes articles, gives presentation and speaks at conferences, he hosts meetups, and both instructs and coaches disciplined agile and enterprise DevOps.