Launching the Agents of Chaos Site!

With the writing of our DevOps book dealing with Waterfalls, in collaboration with Willy-Peter Schaub and Mathew Mathai, and our fantastic illustrator Dave Hughs-Coppins, I have launched a website that hopefully will drive the book, get people involved with the production, topics and critical conversations needed to transform companies into continual improving for performance organizations using agility and DevOps. The website is and it has a lot of topics relevant for any company of any size wishing to improve time to market value in a form of products, services and which delight their customers (all the stakeholders). Real solutions are discussed in a light-hearted way which many people may find similar behaviour and situations they are facing in the past and currently. Typically having the critical conversations to make progress and improve requires poking the hornets nest…

Hello world!

Howdy world! Well finally getting this personal site going, please feel free to browse and ping me for any questions or catch me on twitter/brentareed or linkedin or here 😉